What is Plevin?

When your bank sold PPI they failed to disclose the commission they received. So whilst you may have thought the premiums were for cover, a large percentage of it was actually commission paid to your bank for the sale of the PPI policy. Your Bank’s failure to disclose commission may have created an unfair relationship. Following a Court ruling, known as Plevin, the full PPI premiums can be claimed back plus interest.

No Win, No Fee

Should you choose to pursue a claim with any of our panel Solicitors, then you can be safe in the knowledge that all claims are done on a No-Win, No-Fee basis.

Depending on when you originally put in your complaint with your Lender, they may not have considered this aspect of the complaint. This would mean that a previously rejected claim could now pay compensation that you are rightfully entitled to in light of the Plevin case.

You HAVE a potential Plevin claim if:

You have not already complained about the mis-selling of PPI; or
You have previously made a PPI claim which your lender defended and you were not awarded compensation.

You DON’T have a potential Plevin claim if:

You have received all of the money you have paid for a PPI policy. In which case you will not get back more money. This is because there is no remaining loss that you need to claim back.

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Please Note : We are no longer accepting PPI Claims (as of the date 29th August 2019) the window has passed for the processing of PPI Claims.

For those who have already applied or initiated a claim, We will update you on progress in due course